The Character and the Broom-Bike

Illustration for MTB event based on a character 3D rendering.

Since 2010 the »Schöckl-Monster« is the leading part in the appearance of the Grazer Bike-Marathon. In order to revive the figure further, every year a main key illustration is created for commercial advertising usage.
The figure comes from the idea to personalize the mountain (Schöckl) near Graz and bring it to life. To spin this background further, the latest illustration pays tribute the myth of the "Schöcklhexe". This year's subject can thus be seen as a tribute to that regional known legendary figure.
Rough sketches with pen tablet to capture the idea on paper.
The base of the illustration is formed by a 3D rendering. The model was traced in illustrator to get a vector copy of the character. A multilayered PSD compostion with a linear and solid shape mesh helped to achieve a natural look.
The final composition, ready to be integrated in layouts.

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