Unavoidable Transfiguration

I came to the Summer Academy 2019 to focus on my general strategy in painting. Unexpectedly, I had to stick to a given course topic named “Pendant”. A little confused, I dealt with the situation and re-planned my strategy. On the one hand, I would like to concentrate on the further development of my craft in order to achieve a personal expression when painting. On the other hand, a conceptual direction in the future would be important. So I continue to struggle with finding a way to combine classical oil painting with a good conceptual foundation. In the end, I painted a duo showing status icon number one in the form of my sculptural SUV in a natural setting. The second painting shows the same situation after a kind of dematerialization. The coveted object is gone and the materials are neatly recycled waiting for the next transformation. Hopefully a better one.


→ Free oil painting project
→ International Summer Academy Salzburg