Des Leiwande heart sie auf

“Leiwand” is an Austrian slang word and is more commonly used in Vienna. It essentially means “extraordinary, unique or impressive”. So the message “DES LEIWANDE HEART SIE AUF” could be translated as: The unique and impressive will soon be gone. I did this no-budget project in 2017. I was looking for a way to use my typeface in a screenprint artwork. So I played around with some wording. Then I remembered a statement by a truly original owner of a well-known restaurant in Vienna. He said correspondingly after we had praised the great location and the service – hopefully expecting a schnapps: »Ihr wisst’s eh, des Leiwande heart si auf!« The wording was found! After a few printing sessions, I printed approx thirty pieces for friends.

→ Free and No-Budget Project
→ Disciplines: Screenprinting