Art space plü23, Gruppe77, Graz

Here are some pictures of the exhibition hanging in the rooms of Gruppe77, plü23 in Graz. Nineteen works in two rooms from 16th September to 14th October, mainly revolving around two themes. The Earthsworld portrait series is based on the photo database of Earthsworld (instagram) and the portrait of Ivica Osim, the former “Jahrhunderttrainer” of SK Sturm Graz. The main focus, however, is on the examination of current topics – in particular climate change and human consumer behavior. Influenced by his work in the commercial design sector and years of experience with three-dimensional visualization, themes for initial works developed. Digital montages of real image material and self-created complex 3D objects form the starting point for the paintings. Familiar consumer products come into focus through grotesque exaggeration and opulent exaggeration. The scenes seem familiar at first because they are images of well-known products of our contemporary world. At second glance, they look strange and unreal – always far too large and pompous – more like design studies of future lifestyle goods. Details are exaggerated, modified, and satirized. The impression remains of classic landscape scenes in which threatening foreign bodies spread out.