Under the title name »Farb_Raum_Atmosphären« we designed a book-like collection for a couple of work series by Viennese artist Cosima Pillwein. We come up with the idea of a simple box with twelve folded single sheets of different work series. Each sheet shows three related drawings in a row and is Leporello-folded two times to one layer. Printed in offset on Invercote Creato Paper by gugler GmbH, Melk.

The stack of fan-folded sheets was arranged in a handcrafted black linen-covered box, realized by Peter Weber GmbH, Vienna. We placed a hot foil stamped title typography and the name of the artist on top and even on one side of the lid to get a bookish appearance. A screen-printed sheet with project information, signing and numbering option laminated on the box bottom perfects the final product.

→ Client: Verlag Dackelkraft, Vienna
→ Disciplines: Editorial Design, Print Design

Single sheet artworks and lid empossing
stack of boxes
Lid and box bottom
Closed linen covered box
Back sheet on the box bottom
Linen covered flat box with folded single sheets
Linen covered flat box with folded single sheets
Embossing on the lid of the canvas covered box