The White Painting

This commissioned painting was realized over countless progress stages over 2020. The job description was to create a city view of Graz and it should be mainly white or light in tone. I came up with the idea to visualize a 3D-based scene with a suggesting visual story of city hot spots and famous buildings. The scene represents an illustrative view from the Grazer district Mariatrost to the west toward the city’s heart. The concept was to build up a perspective-based substructure with stylized and simplified forms on the surface. It finally results in an image with a strong dynamic perspective, wide empty areas, and a dreamy monochrome color atmosphere. It was quite challenging to focus on creating a so-called high key painting. To reach the final goal it was necessary to stick to a limited light value range and low colour saturation.


→ »The White Painting«, 137,5 x 192,5 cm , Oil on primed canvas

→ Frame: White matte floating frame (150 x 205 cm)