Melting Sealed Area

Over the last three years, I have tried to establish a certain image idea that I want to continuously improve and develop. I think the basic idea started in 2015 when I switched to a cargo bike as a means of transport. In an urban environment, you notice how packed the streets are with oversized and pointless vehicles. In order to transform these impressions into a visual language, I came up with the idea of building simplified, sculptural 3D vehicles that I placed in a real environment with an exaggerated scale or in an unrealistic quantity. These templates later served as references for my oil paintings. In the meantime, six paintings belong to this series entitled “SUV – SowasVonUnnötig”. This one was the first of them and could be seen as a kind of teaser. It focuses more on the car emblem than the car itself. The vehicle itself will become more visible in the following works.


→ Free oil painting series
→ »Melting Sealed Area« (2021) / Öl auf Holzkorpus / 80 x 60 cm