Game Board Folder

Good projects have a long lifespan. I want to show this project from 2008 to emphasize what timeless, courageous, and well-produced design work stands for. I got commissioned by Light-Tech GmbH to develop a high-level product folder package to communicate their product range. They wanted to represent five lighting products in the form of exceptionally high-quality print production. So I came up with the idea to create a kind of sculpturally blocky-looking appearance. Everyone knows the optic and style of board games, so I outlined a front and rear design for each product like a board game. When closed, the folders were stackable to an elegant solid block which was covered by a slip case. For each product, I designed a personal product appearance that consisted of a base color scheme and a kind of sub logo. On the inner side of the folder, we placed a 3D scenery to give a clue of the real lighting possibilities of the product. The printer worked with four plus a fifth spot color for each folder. The four parts of the front and rear sides were laminated via hand.


→ Client: Light-Tech GmbH, Graz
→ Disciplines: Print Design, Bookmaking Techniques