Visual Identity Meinhart GmbH

For this Graz-based local hardware store, we provided a new visual identity for their overall use. The aim was to preserve the well-known store name and the associated typeface logo in the new design. So the difficulty was, to merge the color range of the old logo and extract the important developable parts of the logo. After analyzing the old appearance we decided, that the font VAG and the capital M are the fundamental parts of the logo and are worth being transformed into a new contemporary visuality. The first step was to change the font VAG, which was designed for Volkswagen in 1979 as a modern alternative. We decided to come up with the rounded Version of FF DIN, which was drawn in 2010. The FF DIN Rounded meets our requirements of typography in this project and is a good connection to the old typography. Then we dissolved the M-shape out of the old logo’s background and bring it to the foreground. It was important for us to redraw the outline based on the capital glyph M of DIN Rounded and give it a few individual changes in detail. The result was the »Meinhart M«, which is related to the font and has its own profile.


→ Client: Franz Meinhart GmbH, Graz
→ Disciplines: Visual Design, Print Design